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        For all the ways you create

        2-in-1 PCs

        See all Surface 2-in-1 PCs


        Explore all Surface Laptops

        Innovation meets inspiration

        Original by

        Cache Bunny & Collete Davis

        With a little inspiration, an amazing original idea, and the right Surface, see how Cache and Collete realized their vision on the Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro 8.


        From product to packaging, we’re committed to a more sustainable future. Discover products like the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse, featuring a shell made with 20% recycled ocean plastic.


        Surface products are built to help people be creative, productive, and connected. Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit, created in partnership with people with disabilities, makes it easier to adapt, use and navigate your compatible Surface PC and accessories.*

        * Some software, accessories, and devices sold separately.