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      1. Introducing Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty

        Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty enables you to meet heightened requirements for data residency, privacy, access control, and operational compliance in the cloud and hybrid environments.

        Adapt and thrive

        Learn how to build resilience and drive innovation with Microsoft Cloud industry solutions.

        Accelerate your sustainability journey

        Record, report, and reduce your environmental impact with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

        Discover events and resources

        Get insights into why digital transformation is more critical than ever

        Explore how the past year has fundamentally altered business and digital priorities—and made transformation necessary for resilience—in a new study by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

        Accelerate your digital transformation

        Move forward with confidence by focusing on four key areas.

        Accenture, Avanade, and Microsoft present Envision

        Sign up to attend Envision, where industry leaders come together to share insights and perspectives.

        See solutions in your industry

        Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

        Deliver better experiences, better insights, and better care.

        Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

        Manufacture a more resilient and sustainable future.

        Microsoft Cloud for Retail

        Connect experiences across the end-to-end shopper journey.

        Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

        Accelerate innovation and achieve sustainable growth.

        Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

        Create scalable and transformative impact.



        Capital markets

        Consumer goods

        Defense and intelligence


        Financial services





        Media and entertainment


        Public safety and justice



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